The latest Moco Store event in Free Fire Max brings an exciting opportunity for players to get their hands on the newest fist skins and other valuable in-game items. From the Mythos Fist skin to the Scorpio Grasp Fist skin, there are attractive rewards waiting to be claimed.

Running from April 20th to May 3rd, 2024 on the Indian server, this event provides a two-week window for players to take part and use diamonds to acquire their desired items, with a special focus on the newly introduced fist skins.

Here's how you can secure these sought-after items with ease:

  • The Moco Store event introduces a unique approach compared to the usual luck-based events in Free Fire. It features multiple prize pools, including a grand prize pool and a bonus reward pool, giving players the opportunity to target specific items they wish to obtain by spinning with diamonds as the currency.

During the Free Fire Max Moco Store event, players have the opportunity to access a grand prize pool consisting of six items. These items include the Mythos Fist, Scorpio Grasp Fist, Aqua Rogue Gloo Wall, Night Scythe, Sublime Scorpio MP5, and Scorpio Katana.

Players are given the choice to select one item from the prize pool that they wish to aim for. In addition to the grand prize pool, there are also bonus rewards available for players to earn.

Free Fire Diamond: Usage and Acquisition

Free Fire Diamonds are the coveted virtual currency in the popular mobile game Free Fire, used to purchase a plethora of exclusive in-game items. These items range from character skins, costumes, and weapons to other aesthetic enhancements that enhance the gaming experience. Players can acquire Free Fire Diamonds by participating in game events, completing missions, and overcoming challenges to earn rewards. For those looking to quickly increase their Diamond count, various game trading platforms provide the option to top up directly, ensuring that players can continue to enjoy the thrill of the game with all the benefits that premium currency can offer.

Free Fire top up on LootBar

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How to top up Free Fire on LootBar

To buy Free Fire Diamond s on the LootBar trading platform, start by visiting the official website at . Once there, select your preferred language and currency type, then log in to your account. Navigate to the top-up section and select 'Top Up' followed by 'Free Fire' from the list of available games. '

Next, decide on the number of Diamonds you wish to purchase and click on the “Top-up Now” button. You will be prompted to enter your Free Fire UID, which is essential for ensuring the Diamonds are credited to the correct account. After entering your UID, click on 'Top-up'. Finally, select your preferred payment method, complete the payment, and the Diamonds will be added to your Free Fire account, enabling you to enjoy the full gaming experience.