Exciting 2.3 Patch Updates

Missed the latest stream? No problem! Here's a summary for you!

Release Date: The highly anticipated 2.3 patch of Honkai: Star Rail is set to be released on June 19th.

Trailer: Check out the official trailer for a sneak peek at the exciting upcoming patch.

Rewatch Stream: If you missed the stream, you can catch up on the entire event here.

Summary: - Introducing new characters – Firefly and Jade - Exciting upcoming banners and events - Simulated universe update - New endgame mode to challenge players - Addition of new relics to enhance gameplay - Various other updates and improvements - Exclusive codes for special in-game rewards

Don't miss out on the new character, Firefly, and get ready for the thrilling updates coming your way in the 2.3 patch of Honkai: Star Rail!

Firefly, a prominent member of the Stellaron Hunters, is a young girl encased in a mechanized armor known as "Sam." Born as a weapon and afflicted with the agony of entropy loss syndrome due to genetic modification, she embarked on a journey to seek the true meaning of life and relentlessly pursued ways to defy fate.

In combat, Firefly assumes the role of a powerful damage dealer, utilizing her mech armor, Sam. Upon activating her ultimate ability, she enters the complete combustion state, amplifying her combat prowess. In this state, Sam exhibits heightened break capabilities and damage, while also being able to impose partial toughness reduction on enemies not susceptible to fire. Furthermore, Firefly can bestow fire weakness upon her adversaries using her techniques or enhanced skills.

During the recent reveal stream, the following skills of Firefly were showcased:

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  • New character - Jade

Jade is a formidable 5-star quantum element character known for her expertise in the path of erudition.

Background: - As a senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department and one of the Ten Stonehearts, Jade is associated with the cornerstone "Jade of Credit." She is renowned for her cold and elegant demeanor as a moneylender, and her exceptional skill in understanding the human heart. Her personal hobby, "Bonajade Exchange," reflects her patience in waiting for high-value acquisitions and her ability to extract value from seemingly destitute clients.

Combat Role: - Jade excels as a damage dealer and possesses the unique ability to designate a single ally as a debt collector. By attacking enemy targets, whether through herself or the debt collector, she gains charges that trigger follow-up attacks. Upon activating her talent's follow-up attack, she immediately gains stackable effects that increase her critical damage and attack.

Skills: - During the recent stream, Jade's skills were unveiled, showcasing her prowess in combat and strategic utility.

Upcoming Banners: - The phase 1 banners for Jade's upcoming appearances were also announced, generating excitement among her fans and followers.

The phase 2 banners have been revealed during the recent stream. Here's a summary of what to expect from the upcoming Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 update.

  • New battlesuit: A powerful new battlesuit will be introduced, bringing exciting new gameplay mechanics and abilities to the game.
  • Limited-time events: Players can look forward to engaging in thrilling limited-time events with exclusive rewards and challenges.
  • Storyline expansion: The game's storyline will be expanded, offering players new adventures and quests to explore.
  • Enhanced graphics: The update will bring enhanced graphics and visual improvements, providing a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Quality of life updates: Various quality of life updates and optimizations will be implemented to improve overall gameplay.

Get ready for an action-packed update as Honkai: Star Rail continues to evolve and captivate players with its dynamic content updates.

Upcoming Patch Features and Divergent Universe

The upcoming patch will feature the rerun of the Ruan Mei and Argenti banners. During the first part of the patch, players will have the opportunity to summon on the Ruan Mei banner, which will be available alongside Firefly's banner. In the second part of the patch, the Argenti banner will make a return and be available at the same time as Jade's banner. Additionally, a new 4-star light cone will also be introduced in the upcoming content.

After the fall of Charmony, a new opportunity arises with the availability of the Light Cone on Jade's banner. This powerful weapon belongs to the Erudition Path, offering unique and mysterious effects that are yet to be unveiled. The Simulated Universe receives an update with the introduction of the Divergent Universe, adding a new layer of complexity and excitement to the gameplay experience.

A groundbreaking update is on the horizon for the popular game, introducing a new feature called Divergent Universe. Here's what you can expect from this exciting new addition:

  • Divergent Universe is not a replacement for the Simulated Universe, but rather an expansion in the form of a 'DLC'. Players will have the freedom to enjoy both experiences simultaneously.

  • Characters in Divergent Universe will be automatically leveled to the maximum available level on your account. They will also come equipped with temporary relic sets and light cones, allowing players to test them out without the need for substantial investment.

  • The introduction of 'equations' will enable players to combine various blessings, unlocking additional bonuses for their characters.

  • Weighted curious, tailored towards specific characters, will be added to enhance and strengthen them further.

  • Gacha machines will be incorporated, offering additional rewards based on luck during runs.

  • A Path of Exile-like passive tree will be available in Divergent Universe, providing numerous passive bonuses to facilitate smoother runs.

  • The Planar Ornaments Extraction feature has been added, allowing players to 'save' their runs with all accumulated blessings. This means that defeating the final boss will grant the relics without the necessity of completing a full run.

  • Similar to the normal Simulated Universe, the Divergent version will also feature a weekly reward path.

  • A new 5-star light cone, named 'Eternal Calculus', will be introduced in the Herta store, belonging to the 'Erudition' path.

  • Additionally, a new endgame mode titled 'Apocalyptic Shadow' will be unveiled, promising an exhilarating challenge for players to conquer.

Exciting Endgame Updates and New Relic Sets

In the latest update, a new endgame mode has been introduced, which will alternate with the existing modes - Memory of Chaos and Pure Fiction. This new mode is centered around challenging boss battles, making it ideal for characters with strong single-target capabilities.

The new phase rotation for endgame modes will follow the sequence: Apocalyptic Shadow > Pure Fiction > Memory of Chaos > Apocalyptic Shadow. This rotation will change every two weeks, starting on Mondays.

Some notable improvements have been made, including the introduction of Xueyi as a reward for successfully clearing Apocalyptic Shadow for the first time. Additionally, the rewards for clearing any of the endgame phases have been increased from 720 stellar jades to 800.

Furthermore, new relic sets have been added to enhance the gameplay experience.

In the upcoming game update, players can look forward to the addition of two new planar ornaments: the "Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves" and the "Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern". These new ornaments bring fresh excitement to the game, however, the specific abilities and effects of these sets are yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for further updates as more information becomes available.

Two exciting new cavern relics have been unveiled in the latest game update:

  • "Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge"
  • "The Wind-Soaring Valorous"

Both sets were recently showcased during a live stream, offering players a glimpse of the thrilling new content to come.

Xianxou 2.4 Update Preview

After the Penacony update, players can look forward to the return to Xianxou in the upcoming 2.4 content. The focus will be on the highly anticipated wardance event, a significant occasion in the Xianzhou calendar. This event will feature members from all Xianzhou delegations competing for supremacy in the luminary combat arts ceremony. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the thrilling action in Xianxou once again!

  • A new main story mission titled "Farewell, Penacony" is set to be released in the upcoming update for Honkai: Star Rail 2.3.

  • Players can look forward to exploring a new area known as "Radiant Feldspar" in the game.

  • The update will also include the usual 10 free pulls login event, offering players the chance to obtain exciting rewards.

  • Additionally, a new specialization called "Harmony" for the Trailblazer character will be introduced. Players can unlock this specialization in Belabog, allowing early access to play with it without having to clear Penacony first.

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